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CMLink UK - Pay As You Go SIM Card Local Rates

Lots of freedom. Low rates.

Pay as you go Got A Plan

If you have used up the allowance in your plan, please order add-ons or you will be charged at pay as you go rates as follows.

Data Only for Plans/Add-ons
Calls, texts to CMLink number FREE + Unlimited
Calls to other network and landlines 8p per minutes
Receives calls FREE
Texts to other network and EU and selected destinations* 6p per text

* Receive texts for free

Texts to special numbers or some of the short numbers starting with 60, 62, 70, 80, 85 etc. is not allowed.

Local calls to numbers starting with 070 and 090 are not allowed. When calling numbers start with 084, 087 and 118, you will be charged for i) access charge and ii) service charge. These charges will be deducted from your CMLink account directly and are not included in the monthly pack. The access charge will be charged by CMLink at 8p per minute. For the service charge, please check with the company you are calling.

All prices are VAT (20%) inclusive

Call Abroad

CMLink UK - Pay As You Go SIM Card Call Abroad from UK Rates

Stay in the loop with family and friends around the world with our fantastic international rates.








per minute


per minute


per text

When making a call overseas, please enter the ‘+’ symbol first, followed by the code of the country/region you are dialling. Finally, enter the actual phone number that you want to call.

If you have any IDD allowance in your monthly pack, we will deduce the resource from your month pack frist.

All prices are VAT (20%) inclusive


CMLink UK - Pay As You Go SIM Card Mobile International Roaming Rates

Experience, capture and share every colourful detail of the world to your world with our flexible and affordable Roaming service.