Service Introduction

CMLink UK SIM card is tailored for expats, international students, business visitors in the UK with good quality call and data services.Clients can purchase a monthly package which covers the UK, 39 EU countries, mainland China and Hong Kong. In addition,we will also reward you with 5% extra data every month, up to a total of 200%.
The special services provided by CMLink UK SIM include (but not limited to):
  • a contract-free Plan covering the UK, 39 destinations in the EU, mainland China and Hong Kong
  • free calls to any mobile number of mainland China and Hong Kong from the UK
  • 7X24 Chinese customer services
  • a reward of 5% extra data every month, up to a total of 200%
  • top-up with WeChat Pay, Ali pay, VISA, Master, UnionPay
  • Two number one SIM to connect your UK number with China Mobile mainland number
CMLink UK SIM Card covers the UK, 39 EU regions, mainland China and Hong Kong. The 39 EU regions are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, French Guiana, French Polynesia. West Asia, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Guadeloupe, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Martinique, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Reunion, Romania, St. Bartelmi, Saint Martin (France), Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden.
Yes, you can. Please click Tariffs for more details.
Please click Tariffs for more details.
You can simply link your CMLink number to your China Mobile number used in mainland China to get the SMS message which is received originally by your mainland China number. The SMS message will be forwarded to your CMLink number in the UK automatically. Your original China Mobile number used in mainland China does not need to have the roaming function switched on. You can enjoy the service for free with our limited-time exclusive trial from now till 31st December 2019. You can continue to use the CM Numbers Link service after the trial period for £3 per calendar month.
You can earn 5% extra data monthly from the second month after purchasing any monthly Plan.
Bonus data amount= data amount in “Data Growth Pack” X (Number of months your SIM activated-1)*5%
Earn up to 200% extra data every month based on your plan
The extra data will be rewarded into your account automatically every month before the 5th.

CMLink SIM card

CMLink combines three most commonly used SIMs on the market and makes them in one. We use multi-SIMs, which allow you to pop out the size you need for your device.
Getting your free SIM is easy. Click “Get your free SIM” and fill in your contact details to place your order.
Please find our estimated time of delivery:
  • UK: within 5 working days
  • Europe (excluding UK): within 5 working days
  • China (including HK, Macao and Taiwan): within 7 working days
  • Rest of the world: within 20 working days
If your address is in mainland China, we will post the SIM with express delivery service. You can check the delivery status by contacting the delivery company quoting your order reference number in the order confirmation email. If your address is in other places, we will post SIM with standard postage.
If you haven't received your free SIM by the estimated delivery time, click Get your free SIM and re-order your new SIM.
To activate your free SIM, Top Up anytime anywhere.
Once you've topped up to activate your free SIM, it is valid for 180 days. If you haven’t re-done any top-up in 180 days, your SIM will become “terminated”.
Please note that your number will no longer be available when your SIM expired. The remaining balance will be cleared and cannot be recovered either. Please pay attention to the relevant SMS reminders.
You can contact us anytime to request a new SIM. For the security reason, we may ask you about your SIM number, last top up information etc. to confirm your identity. After confirming all the information is correct, we will ship a new SIM to you. Any remaining balance from your lost SIM can be transferred to the new one.
CMLink SIM cannot be purchased in a large amount for personal use. Please call our customer service for help if you are purchasing for groups.
Yes you can. But you need to follow the Fair User Policy when you are using it in mainland China.

Product Introduction

First of all, please cancel your current Plan. To cancel £5.99 / £9.99 / £12.99 / £19.99 plan, please text QXTC 599 / QXTC 999 / QXTC 1299 / QXTC 1999 to 10086.
Then subscribe to a new Plan. To subscribe £5.99 / £9.99 / £12.99 / £19.99 plan, please text GP 599 / GP 999 / GP 1299 / GP 1999 to 10086.
Your new plan will only be activated when your current plan expires.
You can buy a data add-on pack when you've used up the data of your current plan:
  • £3 for 1.5GB data, please text GP DP3 to 10086
  • £8 for 6GB data, please text GP DP8 to 10086
  • £1 for 25minutes voice, please text GP VP1 to 10086
  • £4 for 100minutes voice, please text GP VP4 to 10086
The data add-on pack will be activated upon purchase. It is valid until the end date of your current Plan.
Please add "+ country/region code" before an overseas number you are going to call. For example, to call to mainland China:
  • +86(mobile number) or
  • +86(city code with the 0 removed at the beginning) (landline number only)
  • Long-press "0" on your mobile phone's keypad to enter the "+" symbol
Please add "+country/region code" before an overseas number. For example,
To call to mainland China:
  • +86(mobile number) or
  • +86(city code with the 0 removed at the beginning) (landline number)
  • Long-press "0" on your mobile phone's keypad to enter the "+" symbol
To call to UK:
  • +44(mobile number) or
  • +44(landline number with the 0 removed at the beginning)
  • Long-press "0" on your mobile phone's keypad to enter the "+" symbol
Local UK numbers calling you need to add the 0 at the beginning of your number, eg. 07973000186
Non-UK numbers calling you need to add “+44” then type in your number with the first digital ‘0’ deleted, for example: +44 7973000186.
Simply switch on the function of mobile data on your mobile.
Simply turn on the functions of mobile data and data roaming on your mobile.
The data in the pack you purchased can be used in the UK, 39 regions in EU and China (Mainland and Hong Kong).
If you find your data speed is slow, it might be because:
  • The place you are located is not covered with 4G signal, i.e. only covered by 2G or 3G.
  • Your mobile phone has not switched on 4G.
  • The signal at your current location is weak or you are located in a place heavily crowed (e.g. Metro station, railway station, stadium or high street etc.)
Please visit the Top Up page and follow the instructions.
Please firstly order a free CMLink SIM from us (click here). Then you need to contact your mobile service provider to get your PAC / STAC (PAC is the code to bring along your mobile number, STAC is the code to port in without bringing your mobile number). After you receive your CMLink SIM, please visit here and follow the instructions to submit your port-in request.

Customer Service

You can dial 185 or text CHECK or CXYE to 10086.
You can dial 185 or text CHECK or CXYE to 10086.
ICCID is the ID of a SIM card which consists of 19 numbers. You can find the ICCID number on the back of your SIM card frame.
You can find it at the back of your SIM card frame. If you have inserted the SIM into your phone, you can dial *187# to receive a text with information about your mobile number.
PIN code is the password for your SIM card. PIN code can protect your SIM card from being abused by others if SIM card gets lost. If booting PIN code is enabled, PIN code need be input for each booting. When your PIN code is mis-typed for three times, the mobile phone will automatically lock the card and needs PUK code to unlock it. This requires you to dial the customer service hotline. Our customer service will inform you of the initial PUK code to unlock the SIM card.
To ensure all our customers can have the best experience, you need to follow the fair user policy. Please click here for more information.