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Please note that you must be in Canada to continue with your SIM card activation. You can top up your SIM card once you’ve successfully activated your SIM.
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    a. Your CMLink Canada Pack will be renewed on the same date of every month. Please ensure your balance is high enough.

    For example:

    i. If you subscribe to a Pack on 10th June, it will be renewed on 10th July, and subsequently on 10th of each month.

    ii. If you subscribe to a Pack on 29th, 30th or 31st of the month, your Pack will be renewed on the last day of each month.

    b. You may renew the Pack within a 3-day grace period after the expiration date of the current package if your auto-renewal fails. If no renewal is made after the grace period, the service will be terminated.

    c. When roaming in Canada, or mainland China/Hong Kong, local call minutes will be deducted for dialing/receiving calls to Canada numbers. Calls to mainland China/Hong Kong numbers will be deducted from mainland China, Hong Kong local minutes or mainland China, Hong Kong roaming minutes within the plan.

    d. All prices exclude taxes. Relevant taxes will be charged at the time of payment according to the province in which the attributed number is located.

    e. You may view the terms and conditions here.